Download Moviebox | Movie Box App For iOS/Android/PC

MovieBox is a primitive movie application designed for  smartphones. The application allows downloading and watching movies in your smart phones for free. It is one of the most popular apps in the movie entertainment category. The application works smoothly in all types of iOS, Android versions and PC as well. Using this application is mcuh easier and gives you an ultimate experience in terms of fun.

This article contains the  method to download Movie Box for iOS 8.4/8.3 and other versions include iPod Touch, iPhone 6/6 Plus and iPad Air/Air 2 or other models without even jailbreaking your device. So just follow the steps to Install MovieBox in your phone and watch your favourite movies.


Download Movie Box App For iOS/Android/PC

The application is quite easy to install in your  smart phone. First you have to choose on which device you want to install and download the app weather it is your iOS, android or PC/computer. Then following the relevant tutorial for app the installation process will start which you can follow from the below given steps.

The application will start downloading in your phone’s system. After the download is complete the application will be installed. You can then start using the application and search for your favourite movies. The movies will be shown in your search. In fact the application also caters suggestion for your watching list by taking the searching items as hints. The genre specific suggestions will help you to choose your next flick.

Moviebox Download to iPhone/iPad:

This application is best considered for Apple iOS which includes Moviebox for iPhone 6 Plus/6 or 5S without Jailbreak and you can also install Movie Box for iPad Air 2/Air/Pro by following the method.

  • The steps are very simple, all you have to do is just follow the link given below from your device.
  • Here is the link for iOS devices which you need to follow.
  • You’ll be guided to the web page where you will see “Install” button.

install moviebox for ios

  • Once you tap, you’ll be asked for the permission to fetch that app which is being designed by unknown developers.
  • Simply hit “Trust”.
  • This will install the app on your device.

However if this does not work for you in that case you might need to jail break your device which will then work by just following the same steps as mentioned.

Moviebox Download to Android APK

Check for the tutorial which is given here for MovieBox app apk download. This will allow you to download ‘MovieBox apk’ file with apk extension. The apk extension suggests that you can install it manually in your phone.

After the download is complete you can install it in your phone by transferring it in the internal or external storage. Tapping the file will start installing it automatically. The installation will be complete within minutes and you can start using the application without any problems.

The glitches may pose some problem in your phone as your operating system did not support the MovieBox version. Try to install the upgrades if it demands. If the problem appears after upgrading then restore the older version by removing the updates. The application runs smooth in latest or little old Android versions.

Movie box Download to PC/Windows

Every PC user will surely want to watch movies at one stage, this movie box app is also availble for PC user, you can follow the guide here for installing the movie box for PC windows here which is simple to follow. MovieBox is an app that does not need any manual to follow. You can simply enjoy as the navigation is quite easy and convenient to all types of users.

Before installing the app, just make it sure that it is developed by a trusted developer to avoid safety issues. After the security checks out you can enjoy the nice experience from the application by rendering videos and movies of your choice. Make sure that you have unhindered good speed internet to watch flicks smoothly. Have fun with one of the most popular app for watching movies in your phone.

In case you still find difficulty in installing the app feel free to ask your questions in the comment box below, we will be more than happy to guide you. Also feel free to share this app with your friends.